Exactly what are BBW Women?

BBW WomenIt’s an easy question really and it’s a question that many have been asking for some time now. It’s an acronym but exactly what does it mean? Does it mean Big Bicycle World? Nope that is not it. Does it stand for Blue Beach Waves? Nope. BBW is short for Big Beautiful Woman or women. Which is it in a nutshell but exactly where did the term come from besides the obvious?

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BBW Dating Sites – Where Big Beautiful Women and Their Admirers Meet

BBW Dating SitesThanks to the internet big beautiful ladies and their admirers will find lots of non-judgmental company in BBW Dating sites.
The foundation term BBW could be traced back to 1970s when BBW Magazine premiered. The term soon shot to popularity as it affirmed the positive side of being… well, big. The term has since become symbolic of attractiveness as well as pride for the plus-sized woman.
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