Do Nice Girls Really Use Online Plus Size Dating Sites

Plus Size Dating SitesThe stories of the early days of online Plus Size dating sites tend to focus on all that is wrong in the world. The horrors of predators and jerks and various misfits were the headline fodder for years. Fortunately today’s online dating sites are accepted worldwide as safe and viable social meeting places used by millions each week.

So, do nice girls really use online Plus Size dating sites and other sites of their preference? The answer is, absolutely. There is a dating site for nearly every segment of the population you can name. Singles of all ages, races and nationalities are regular visitors to dating sites. Males and females and Baptists and Jews and Catholics and Muslims alike are familiar and comfortable visitors to dating sites.

Let’s look at a few reasons why nice girls do it in online dating sites:

1. Saving Time – In today’s world time, free time that is, is a rare commodity. Few working men and women have the luxury of dedicating their few hours of free time each week to the pursuit of a significant other who can help them erase the lonely hours from their calendar. Singles are the largest segment of today’s population explosion, and they don’t have the time…or the energy to date. Online dating sites have become a necessity of life.

2. Money – The worldwide economic downturn has placed a burden on individual’s budgets. More tradition dating approaches like bars and clubs and the like, have become more costly, with per drink prices at more “nice” watering holes upwards of $8 a drink….and then there’s the meal. Few people would be able to afford meeting a stranger for a casual first date, without any prior knowledge of what to expect. The online dating sites just make cents….er, sense.

3. It Ain’t Broke – Online dating works. Recent polls by social scientists reveal that possibly 25 to 30% of all marriages over the past 10 years have resulted from couples who meet in online dating chat rooms. It seems that people enjoy the convenience of posting a self-created profile that itemizes their background including hobbies, work history, likes and dislikes much like a virtual resume of sorts. They share a picture and a few contact details and all of this goes into an online database for a potential suitor to peruse.

Such is the pursuit of lasting love in today’s modern world. And while it appears somewhat cold and impersonal, the interactions, more often than not, lead to initial relationships that result in longer term lifestyle changes, at least for nearly a third of the couplings.

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